Fairy Teddy Bears & Bunnies

Teddy bears are hand-made, original, collectible teddies great for gifts for any occasion. Pictured above is Sugar Plum Fairy Bear, a yellow mohair with suede paws. Pictured below is Sugar Plum Fairy Bunny, a pink mohair with satin paws and ears. Below the Fairy Bunny is White Rose Fairy Bear, a white distressed mohair with satin paws. All fairy bears and bunnies are 10 1/2" and are $45 plus shipping of $5.

Wilde & Woolly Bears, Terry Wilde Spear, 509 Stardust Road, Crawford, Texas 76638, (254)848-9994, tspear@flash.net

Wilde & Woolly Bear Pages

Wilde & Woolly Bears Home Page: Both mohair and plush, undressed and dressed bears.
Wizards of Wildewood Forest: Mohair wizard bears.
Elfinbearries and Santa Bears: Alpaca elf bears and bearded Santa bears.
Personalized Teddy Bears: Hand-embroidered bears, personalizing hand-made, original bears.
Fantastical Fairy Bears: More Mohair Fairy Bears of Wildewood Forest
Terry Lee Wilde, Author of Young Adult books: