Baylor Bears!

Original handmade Baylor teddy bears by Wilde & Woolly Bears

Baylor Bears are handmade originals by Terry L. Spear, out of Crawford, Texas, designing unique bears for collectors for over ten years now. The Baylor Bear pictured is made of mohair from mohair goats, then the fur is processed in factories in England or Germany, as we have no factories in America that process mohair into fabric for bears any longer! Bears can be personalized with a graduate's name and graduation date, if that is preferred to the word 'Bears' hand-stitched on the other paw. Personalized Baylor Bears have found their way into homes all over the country. If you would like one of these special limited golden mohair bears, too, just order below. Those sold in local stores are made of plush fur, not mohair. When the sixty or so mohair bears are all sold out, there will be no more of this kind made. Cost: $35 plus $5 shipping...deliver in Waco, free of charge.


Golden Mohair Bear, 10 1/2" tall, with 'Baylor' cross-stitched on one paw and 'Bears' on the other...or have a graduation date in place of 'Bears', if preferred.

email: terryspear @ ymail. com

Personalized Gifts!

Baylor Bears, great gift for the Baylor Graduate!