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When I was a teen, my friends and I would gather and tell spooky stories at Halloween.  I think I read every ghost book there was.  But I loved fairytale princess stories, mythologies and fables of other countries.  I read every Native American tale I could get my hands on, too.  Pirates, dragons, water sprites, vampires, goblins, you name it...I read about them. 
The paranormal has always fascinated me.  Are ghosts really real?  Can some people see the future?  Can anyone really see through solid objects?  How can a mother lift a car weighing thousands of pounds to save her son?  Why was a ship floundering off the coast of Australia and the sailors never found? How do families know a family member has died in an accident before they've even been told?  Life is full of true mysteries and turning them into fictional stories can be great fun.

Writing is a passion.

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