Personalized, Award-winning Teddy Bears

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Personalized Bears

Keepsake Bears for Every Occasion 

Confetti Bear

Small Confetti Bear

10 1/2" Confetti Bear is made of plush fur dyed in the factory and she comes with her paws embroidered for a personalized gift!  $29 + $8 shipping and handling.
 4 Left! Fabric Discontinued.

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Light Brown Bear

10 1/2" Light Brown Bear, paws can be personalized.  Bear is $29 + $8 shipping and handling.

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Blond Bears

Small Blond Personalized Bears

10 1/2" Blond Plush Bears, personalized.  $29 + $8.

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Medium Brown Bear

Small Light Brown Bear

Medium Brown Bear is 10 1/2" for $29 + $8 for shipping and handling.

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Rusty Small Bear

Small Rusty Bear

Rusty red 10 1/2" bear available personalized for $29 + $8 shipping and handling.  


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Reddish Brown Bear

Small Reddish Brown Bear

Light Reddish Brown Bear-10 1/2" tall, $29 + $8 for shipping and handling.

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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is 10 1/2" tall with dark brown fur and black guard hairs. He's $29 + $8 for shipping and insurance.
Grizzly fur available in large Violet bear pictured below for $55.

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New Sweater Bears!  

 Perfect 10 Bear

 Ivory Sweater Bear

 Best Friends Purple Sweater Bear

 Happy Birthday Blue Sweater Bear

 Pink Hearts Sweater Bear

Yellow Sweater Bear

All of the 10 1/2" fully jointed light brown plus bears are each $36 & $7 for shipping.
A name can be embroidered on a paw and birth date or flowers on the other paw for free.

Bears have their own fur and don't need sweaters, so you say. But every best dressed bear can use a special sweater sometimes! :)

Rusty Medium Bear

Medium Rusty Bear

15" Rust colored plush fur bear with curved arms and legs. He is $45 + $8 for shipping and handling.

Two of light red left. The rust is SOLD OUT.

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Violet Bear

Photo: Kimmi Wakefield, are you ready for Christmas??? <3 :)

Violet Bear is a blond 19" curved arm bear, very poseable as shown in the picture below of the same bear, Penny. $55 + $8. May be embroidered with special name, birth date.

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Penny Bear

Large Mauve "Penny" Bear

Mauve Penny is a 19" bear with curved arms and legs which makes her very poseable.  And she can be personalized.  She's $55 + $8 for shipping and handling.

Only two left of this color.

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Large Brown Bear

Large Brown Bear

19" Large curved arm and leg bear, brown fur, ready to be personalized. $55 + $8 shipping and handling.