Winning the Highlander's Heart

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Deceit, Intrigue, Romance in Medieval Scotland and England during the reign of King Henry I.


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Winning the Highlander's Heart


ISBN: 0-9785368-3-5


Determined to avoid King Henry I's randy advances, Lady Anice of Brecken attempts escape, wishing to find a Highlander to escort her home to her castle in Glen Affric where she will rule until she can find a laird worthy of her hand.  Laird Malcolm MacNeill desires an English bride to improve his standing with those in power. But rescuing the Scottish lass from an escape attempt casts him into deadly political intrigue when the king sends Malcolm and his brothers to escort the lady home and investigate the disappearance of some of her staff. Now he must protect the king's ward without losing his heart to the willful lass, or he could very well earn His Majesty's wrath...and lose far more.   

Winning the Highlander's Heart | [Terry Spear]
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Winning the Highlander's Heart


I_thumb_up Terry Spear - Winning the Highlander's Heart is recommended by CoreyA, Viewpoints Reviews
"Winning the Readers' Heart"
by CoreyA

Here is why I loved this book:

  • The author (Terry Spear) has a gift of making it easy to imagine yourself in another place and time while you get to know the characters.
  • While this story is fiction, the historical settings are accurate.
  • The characters are well developed and believable.
  • This is not your average romance novel. There is action, mystery and suspense throughout the pages.
  • Happy ending? Well, I won't give the ending away, but once you start reading this novel, you will find it hard to put down until you find out for yourself. ~~CoryA

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5 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews!!!



Winning the Highlander's Heart is just that. Two independent Highlanders, both proud and stubborn, reluctant to let another into their hearts. Anice believes she is completely capable of handling her life without the need for a man. She is a strong, believable heroine, trapped by medieval society’s conventions. The Highlander Malcolm is braw, strong and everything that is noble and desirable in a man. There is something about a good, strong Highland romance that stirs the soul. Winning the Highlander's Heart is a story of true romance and adventure. It is definitely worth reading on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Reviewed by: Janet


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5 Hearts from the Romance Studio!!!  Winning the Highlander's Heart by Terry Spear is an exciting adventure filled with action and intrigue. Malcolm and Anice make a wonderful couple. The chemistry between them is very strong and their attempts at denying it, at times is humorous. Winning the Highlander's Heart is a thrilling action-filled adventure that will capture the attention of the reader and keep him spellbound till the very end. 

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www.lighthouseliteraryreviews.com under May 2006 reviews.  

Lighthouse Literary Reviews


by Terry Spear


Winning the Highlander's Heart is a most delightful story. Anice and Malcolm are sweet likeable characters that are very easy to fall in love with. I loved the part where she thought that he would consider an Englishwoman over a bonnie Scottish lass. Malcolm is like a shining prince in the way he seeks to protect Anice. I loved the conversation throughout the story and the remarkable chemistry that the two shared. They are like two different peas in a pod the way Malcolm seeks to protect her but Anice doesn't like being controlled. Terry Spear creates two charming characters with incredible skills that make them unique. I love the way Anice is strong and determined and shows no signs of being the weaker sex when it comes to some matters yet very vulnerable in others. With a wonderful consistent storyline and well-developed secondary characters Winning the Highlander's Heart is an incredible tale. Terry Spear allows the reader to practically see and feel the sensations that each character emits. Exciting, captivating, mesmerizing and down right sensational this book has all the delectable elements that make it a huge winner!

Reviewed by:   Linda

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“I fell in love with the noble, sexy Highland hero who has a wonderful sense of humor and a caring heart. The saucy heroine is a challenge for him, yet his perfect match.  I highly recommend this book, brimming in rich historical details, set in vivid locations, and peopled with true-to-life, lovable characters.”  Vonda Ogle, My Fierce Highlander, 1st Place, Reveal Your Inner Vixen Contest

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August 2006
Vintage Romance Publishing
Trade Paperback
327 Pages
Vintage Romance Suspense
Rating:  4 Cups

Anice, Countess of Brecken, is sent to Arundel, home to her cousins King Henry I and Queen Mathilda to be found a suitable husband.  Resigned to her obligatory fate, she does find issue with the King’s randy behavior and attempts an escape from his advances by climbing out her third story window and falling straight into the arms of a handsome
Highland rescuer.  She never expects it is a beginning of a pattern that endears him to her very heart.

Malcolm MacNeill, Earl of Pembrinton, arrived at Arundel with his brothers as a man with a title but no holdings. Seeking to remedy that issue by marrying a Norman noblewoman, it would solve many ills plaguing him.  He never expected the greatest of which to be a Scottish Countess attempting to secure her freedom from a third story window and falling into his lap.  It is that stirring distraction by the bonny Scottish lady that turns his life into an adventure neither could foresee.  
By virtue of murders having taken place back at her castle in Scotland and the King’s own machinations, Malcolm and his brothers are forced to escort Anice back to Scotland acting as her servants.

This novel was stunning in its suspenseful complexity and a brilliant romance was crafted by a deft imagination. Treachery stalks them at every turn as jealous suitors and scheming family set to destroy a love blossoming under the harshest of conditions.  Set in my favorite period of English history, she weaves documented historical fact with lush, captivating fiction.


Her Highlander men are breathtaking and brave.  The heroine is delightfully strong willed and oft times cheeky. Together it makes for quite an adventurous and sensual read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



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“Intrigue, political maneuvering, and engaging characters results in an entertaining story that will keep the reader turning the pages. A great read!” Shelley Munro, The Second Seduction


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Title: Winning the Highlander's Heart
Category: Historical
Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne
Reviewer Email:
Author: Terry Spear
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Author Homepage:
Author email: tspear@flash.net
Format: PRINT
Rating: 4.5

WINNING THE HIGHLANDER is a delightful story right from the very first
page.  I was easily able to envision Anice in all her stubborn glory as
she avoids the king’s advances, refuses to allow Malcolm to dictate
what she should do, and insists on returning to Scotland in order to help
determine what foul play has befallen her people.  You can’t help but
adore Malcolm.  He’s an honorable man, trying to do the right thing by
traveling to England and seeking out an English bride but becomes
attracted to Anice even before the king entrusts her estate to him.
This story is fast paced, full of witty dialogue, and interesting characters
that will keep readers entertained for hours.  If you like historical
stories about those braw Highlander men, you’ll love this book.

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Excerpt for:

Winning the Highlander's Heart






The Countess of Brecken’s lady-in-waiting, Mai, threw the door open to Anice’s guest chambers at Arundel Castle, then quickly slammed it shut.  Two gray curls fell loose from the older woman’s plaited hair; her ivory cheeks were flushed.  She breathed in rapid, shortened breaths, and her gray eyes rounded.

“His Grace is headed this way.  Lady Anice, ye must hide.”

           ‘Twas folly for Anice to think she could avoid the king’s unwanted solicitations for long.  And she, his wife’s cousin.

“I am not hiding, Mai,” Anice scolded, “like I said before.  I am making myself unavailable to his...charms.” 

She tied the rope to the bed leg, then ran to the nearest window and tossed the other end out.  If the English ladies of her cousin’s court had not treated her with contempt because of her Scottish heritage, she would be visiting with the queen right now and could save herself the trouble of fleeing from the king’s attempted seduction, again.

“Och, milady, you cannot mean to—”

“Aye, Mai, I mean to.  Just delay His Grace if he should come knocking at the door before I have vanished.  Moreover, for heaven’s sakes be sure to hide the rope.  Tell him I am with Her Grace sewing in her solar.” 

Anice lifted the full skirt of her bliaut and chemise underneath, and scrambled atop the embroidered cushion resting on the stone window seat.

With heart pounding, she peered below.  ‘Twas a shame it opened on the inner bailey of Arundel Castle where women washed garments in large wooden barrels, the blacksmith pounded on an anvil, sending sparks flying, and beyond, noblemen’s sons thrust and parried wooden swords on the warm summer day.  Still, with everyone a goodly distance across the bailey from where she attempted escape and very much preoccupied, mayhap no one would notice a lady slipping down a rope from the second story window.

Mai wrung her hands.  “Milady, what if ye should fall?”

“You are not helping me, Mai.  Hush.  I have done this many times before as a wee lass.  You know that.” 

But this time was entirely different from her many escapades of the past.  ‘Twas difficult enough to find a husband who would live long enough to give her wedded bliss, but she was not about to be tupped by a lusty king who already had a wife. 

Anice tugged on the rope and when it held, she climbed onto the stone sill.  Grasping the rope, she swung over the edge and held on tight.  Her arms strained while she wrapped her legs around the rope and began to shimmy down. 

A pounding on her chamber door produced a rash of chill bumps to trail along her arms. 

Across the courtyard a man shouted, “Milady!”    

A streak of panic shot into her bones as she clambered down the rope.

Couldn’t a lady take a walk in the kitchen gardens—even if she got there by extraordinary means—without causing an uproar in the king’s staff?      

The thud of hooves galloped on the grassy earth in her direction.  She cursed under her breath.  She needed no horseman’s help to descend a rope.  Her hands slipped on the coarse hemp and her heartbeat quickened.  She was a wee bit out of practice. 

“Drop to me!  I’ll catch you!” the man’s deep, sexy voice shouted with a distinctive Scottish burr, as he guided his horse beneath her.

She snorted.  If she dropped to whoever stood below her, no doubt her skirts would fly up around her ears.  “‘Tis nay concern of yours.  Move away.”  She meant to speak her words harshly, commanding the man to do her bidding at once, but her voice sounded way too soft and overmuch like pleading to her ears.

She glanced down at him, sitting astride his roan destrier.  Belted at the waist, a pleated saffron wool tunic rose to mid-thigh, exposing his brawny muscular legs.  The narrow tunic sleeves stretched down his arms, widening at the wrist, revealing large hands that clutched his horse’s reins with a fierce grip. 

Her gaze drew up his massive chest to his dark brown hair, highlighted with reddish strands hanging loose about his broad shoulders, framing and at the same time softening the harsh angles of his face.  He had the kind of manly nose that befit Scottish royalty, a sturdy square chin that tilted up toward the heavens, and the kind of lips women begged to kiss.  Not a Norman or a Saxon, but a handsome devil of a Highlander.  ‘Twas not his broad shoulders and chest that gave her pause, but his furrowed brow and darkened brown eyes that compelled a longer look. 

Her fingers slid again and her heart leapt into her throat.  To her surprise the man quickly stood in his stirrups, his hands outstretched ready to catch her.

“Jump, lass, and I shall catch ye.”

A sprinkle of perspiration trickled between her breasts.  ‘Twas not too far to fall, only one more story now.  If she landed on the gentleman, he’d no doubt break her tumble nicely.  She continued to slide down the rope, her arms quickly wearying.  At twenty, she was getting much too old for this.

The rough rope tore at her tender flesh.  Her fingers burned.  Trying to ignore the pain, she clenched her teeth, and lowered herself further.

“Milady!”  The man grabbed at her. 

When he caught her foot, she nearly fell, and gasped in surprise.  She kicked his hand away.  “I do no’ need your help.”  Not unless the hand belonged to a Highland laird who wished to take her away from here and back to her home without delay. 

His hands slid up her hose-covered leg and rose to her naked thigh.  She screamed out in shock.  What in heaven’s name were his hands doing up her chemise?



Copyrighted 2005 Terry Spear 



ISBN: 0-9785368-3-5