Heart of the Highland Wolf

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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

Heart of the Highland Wolf


June 2011

Book 7

Ian McNeill, laird of Argent Castle finds his capital squandered through unwise investments and the wolf clan's home that has been theirs for centuries is in danger of being forfeit for nonpayment of taxes. When a movie producer contacts him with the notion of using his castle to produce a movie, Ian abhores the idea, but it's his only salvation. Even worse, his people become extras in this epic Highland movie. But when one American werewolf romance author, Julia Wildthorn, slips into the castle under the guise of being with the movie company, except she is trying to jumpstart her muse with writing a book set in old-world Scotland--specifically about his castle and his people as the characters in her newest book venture--she and Ian tangle.


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Sia McKye's review
Jun 08, 11

5 of 5 stars
Read in May, 2011

My thoughts:

This story is wonderful blend of contemporary suspense; romance, with just the right mix of paranormal. Terry has a wonderful sense of humor and you can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the situations. The cast of characters is well-drawn and distinct with strong family ties with Ms. Spear’s trademark pack dynamics.

What I love about Terry Spear’s series, especially in this particular story, is this isn’t fantasy. It’s set in the real world and crafted in such a way you feel there could actually be werewolves hiding in plain sight.

Terry sets it in the Highlands (yay!) and combines a touch history (how can you not?), a secluded castle, a ghost, a family feud going back generations, a hidden betrothal contract, and a villain who’s determined to take what he sees as his right, Julia Wildthorn. One tough and mouthwatering Scot Laird (Ian) who has already determined that Julia is all his and said villain will take her his dead body. Believe me, Sutherland tries.

Did I mention there is not just one sexy Highland wolf, but four of them! None of them are quite prepared for two independent and unprotected female (what is wrong with their pack leaders anyway?) American werewolves in Scotland, especially one who writes (gasp) werewolf romances.

This is such a fun story to read. I love that Terry has set this and the next one in Scotland (I’m hoping a story for each brother).

Let me go on record and say, Terry Spear just gets better and better.

Terry Spear's sexy Highland wolves can bite me any time.

Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

Long and Short Romance Reviews

Heart of the Highland Wolf by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (383 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books

Reviewed by Xeranthemum


Heart of the Highland Wolf embraces the best of what romance has to offer with characters that jump off the pages and into a reader’s heart. The writing is crisp, fast paced with dialogue that brings to life the personalities and quirks of its main players. There is humor, drama and a bit of a mystery to spice up the reading experience. When Ian and Julia finally consummate their relationship it’s spirited, enthusiastic and though very spicy, also incredibly romantic, just what a reader expects from the talented Ms. Spear.

I absolutely recommend Heart of the Highland Wolf to new and old fans of Ms. Spear. The author has once again delivered a high powered romance that satisfies on every level. It entertained me and made the hours fly. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time; except maybe to find my own personal Ian.


Night Owl Romance Top Pick!

This is the seventh installment in Ms. Spear's werewolf series and will not disappoint. If you are new to this series you can pick up this book without reading the rest, but the others in this series are worth reading. Ms. Spear gives the werewolf romance a new and different twist. Her stories are wonderful. I tell all my friends about this series and she is an auto buy for me. I have all her books on my keeper shelf. I hope to see stories about all of Ian's brothers and one with Maria. Book eight titled Dreaming of the Wolf will be out in December of 2011. --Reviewer: Robin 
Joyfully Reviewed
Heart of the Highland Wolf is a sweet, sizzling and utterly satisfying.  The story starts off with a bang and the hits keep coming keeping the reader immersed in this highland novel.  I loved learning the history behind Argent Castle and the families that have lived there.  Julia and her many names are mysterious and keep everyone guessing.  Ian comes off as a hard-edged no-nonsense werewolf but Julia pushes all of his buttons bringing him plenty of chaos.  Ian and Julia spark when they are together.  I loved watching them dance around their attraction for each other.  There are plenty of suspenseful parts of this novel but it’s the couple that sets these pages on fire.  I could read about them over and over again! Heart of the Highland Wolf is a hot highland hit filled with sexy werewolves and dastardly villains.  This is the seventh book in Terry Spear’s Werewolf series but it can be read as a stand-alone novel.--Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed
Cindy's Love of Books
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will notice that I don't read/review romance books and that is only because its a genre I never really got into until I read To Tempt The Wolf. I fell in love with the book and the author. Terry's books are the only romance books I will read and highly recommend.

Heart of the Highland Wolf did not disappoint. I devoured this book within two days and if I could I think I would have stayed up all night to read it. After reading this I had a sudden urge to want to visit Scotland.

What I love about this series is that you really don't need to read the previous books in order to follow along because each book deals with a different set of characters and yes some characters carry over into other books but its nothing major. Each book is fresh and exciting.
For me I loved Julia and Ian. There relationship started out light and flirty but quickly heated up. One thing I love about Terry's books is that she leaves alot to the imagination. There isn't alot of over the top sex scenes just enough to satisfy the reader.

I am really looking forward to discover more about the MacNeill brothers such as Duncan, Gutherie, and Cearnach in her upcoming highland books. Cindy's Love of Books
Debbie's Book Blog

Terry Spear once again thrills fans with the latest addition to her award-winning Heart of the Wolf series. Heart of the Highland Wolf takes place in Scotland and has everything from werewolves to castles and film crews. Fans of Spear will fall in love with new Highland characters that will expand the series in a new direction. Spears attention to detail and superb research skills give this book an authentic feel. Readers will love the details of wolf pack dynamics and Scottish clan loyalties. A great new paranormal romance!
Spear has written each book in the series to function on its own as a stand alone and that makes all the difference with a big series like this one. Readers can just pick up anywhere within the series and not be a big disadvantage, though I think they miss out on some of the nuances of the story if they haven't read them all.

I would recommend this one to paranormal romance fans, werewolf and wolf enthusiasts alike and to anyone who loves a good steamy romance. There is a lot to offer the reader in this book and in the entire series. It certainly not one you want to miss!

Heart of the Highland Wolf is available NOW from your favorite bookseller.

This one definitely gets 5 out of 5 apples from my book bag! One of my favorite book series' that I've ever read.--
Debbie's Book Blog

Star Crossed Romance

Terry Spear has written another great werewolf story. I know. I say that every time but when it's true, it's true.  Ms Spear writes fantastic action/adventure/romance with a dash of mystery and a whole lot of passion. Her skill at creating empathetic characters and an exciting plot makes her books a joy to read. She is undoubtedly one of the best werewolf romance writers around. And this book is definitely worth a second and third read. I definitely recommend it. --Lynda K Scott

Shameless Reviews

Sexy Rating

This is a must have series for me. When I see the next edition coming out it is an automatic buy! I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Heart of the Highland Wolf and it was NOT a disappointment.

Julia has a sever case of writers block. After putting the wheels into motion for her friend, Maria’s, filming crew to shoot a movie at Argent Castle in Scotland, Julia goes along for the ride. Not only is Julia looking to end her writers block, but she is also on a secret mission for her family. As soon as they land though odd events begin to happen. Such as the man who eyes Julia a bit to much in a possessive manner and the car accident that isn’t an accident. Oh and lets not forget the Laird, Ian MacNeill, who watches and touches Julia with a sense of possession. However to Julia’s amazement she finds his possessive looks and touches welcoming, unlike the airport ruffian.

Ian can not believe his pack is in financial ruin. What has him in a complete uproar is the steps they have to take to save their castle and land. By having a filming crew around Ian and his pack must be extremely careful not to reveal themselves as lupus garous. However, with the surprise of finding his mate, a rival alpha out to take Julia for himself, a mysterious box with mysterious legal ramifications hidden on the grounds, and a fight to keep his pack territory….well Ian could easily loose his control. Good thing he is a dominant, intelligent, fierce alpha who has a bring it on attitude. Oh yeah, did I mention he is beyond sexy!

I have been intrigued by Julia for a while now. She has come up here and there throughout the series and I was ecstatic to finally get to know her. I LOVE HER! This is one highly adventurous, intelligent and funny character. She was all I look for in a heroine.

Ian was an exceptional alpha. His interactions with his brothers (they are quadruplets) and his pack were hilarious and you could easily feel the love. The fact he doesn’t fight his feelings for Julia despite what is against them was so very refreshing! And what he and his brothers do for Julia in the end put a HUGE smile on my face and made me giggle like a school girl!

BTW I LOVE the MacNeill brothers! TERRY please tell me there is a future for Cearnach, Guthrie, and Duncan!


Review: This novel has it all; the suspense, the romance, a malicious antagonist, and a castle with secret tunnels, trap doors and its very own…ghost. I can’t decide which appealed more, the suspense or the mystery. “Give me a minute to think about it.” Let’s go with…suspense. I remember gasping out loud on page 6 and that was just the beginning.

Favorite Character: Flynn, Argent Castle’s very own ghost. He always helps a lady in need! I’m not kidding, I wanted more Flynn! (I’m pouting like Tinker Bell and stomping my little foot.)

Favorite Scene(s): I loved the way Ian welcomes Julia to Scotland. (Welcome me, welcome me!)

Then there’s the hike, which ends at the falls, where Ian pleasures Julia with and without her clothes. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe it. The man has talent! He also whispers sweet nothings in Gaelic.

Cameos: I spied with my little eye a wolf biologist named Cassie, and my favorite pack leader, Leidolf. For new readers, or those reading the series out of order, you can read all about Cassie and Leidolf in Seduced by the Wolf (book 5).

Special Surprises Which Tickled Me Pink: I found two references (pages 165 and 345) regarding LRP’s Get into Bed interviews. (Cute.) (Funny.) Again…tickled pink.

Recommendations: Recommended first and foremost to mystery lovers, then to readers who love romantic suspense, and finally to paranormal romance readers.--Susan, Love Romance Passion

Heart of the Highland Wolf
hat an adventure, romance intertwined with werewolves, and some mystery in the mix. Refreshing and new, with fun and wit. Lots of sex appeal, with hot and steamy scenes throughout. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to more from Terry Spear.--Wanda, Book Loons Reviews

Thoughts: This latest installment in the werewolf series is one of my favorites, along with the first book Heart of the Wolf. There is always something fresh and exciting with each new book. I love shifter stories so I'm glad this series hasn't gotten old for me.

Heart of the Highland Wolf was a tantalizing read. A story that had a wonderful blend of romance and suspense.  Terry Spear's sexy alpha heroes and strong heroines make for one delicious recipe.  With this book the hero is a highlander and the setting is in Scotland and for me that is like the cherry on top.  One of the great things about this series is you don't necessarily have to read this series in order. If you love shifters you have to check out this series. Anna's Book Blog

Genre Go Round Reviews

This is a fun werewolf romance starring two likable leads and a strong support cast; mostly his clan. The story line is fast-paced yet the refreshing scenes occur when Wildthorn goes into writer’s mode. Fans will appreciate Terry Spear’s entertaining tale even though the wolves are more in the background than usual, but the romance between the writer and the laird is an enjoyable contemporary.-- Harriet Klausner

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