A Highland Werewolf Wedding
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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

A Highland Werewolf Wedding

(Book 11)


May 7, 2013

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On The Run...

After werewolves Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill almost have a head-on collision on a foggy Highland road, they're pretty well stuck with each other. It'll be hours before anyone can get there to pull his car out of the ditch and they both have better places to be.

And Nowhere to Hide From Each Other...

The sexy little American brings out all of Cearnach's big bag protective instincts. If she thought she was in trouble before, Elaine has no idea what kind of complications a hot Scot can cause...

5 Stars Top Pick
A Highland Werewolf Wedding is every bit as good as I had anticipated, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was fun to read. There was lots to keep me interested in this story. Who doesn't love an alpha werewolf hero? A wolf in a kilt. Makes it even sexier. But it also had lots of adventure, intrigue, and a mystery to go along with the steamy love story.

This book stands on its own, but I highly recommend the rest of the series as well. After all, who'd want to waste great shifter stories?
I loved this book. A Highland Werewolf Wedding is another shining example of exactly why Terry Spear is the Queen of the shifter romance.

Happy Reading,


The Night Owl Reviews Team

From Booklist:

A Highland Werewolf Wedding.

Spear, Terry (Author)

May 2013. 352 p. Sourcebooks/Casablanca, paperback, $7.99. (9781402266836).

In her newest novel chronicling the lives of the MacNeill werewolf brothers, Spear (A Howl for a

Highlander, 2013) focuses on one of the middle quadruplets, Cearnach. While driving to a friend’s wedding, Cearnach nearly collides head-on with American Elaine Hawthorne. The attractive alpha wolf won’t tell Cearnach why she’s in Scotland, but he figures that she owes him a ride after his car is totaled. The more time they spend together, the more he knows he’s met her before. Elaine remembers Cearnach clearly—he tried to rescue her hundreds of years ago, when she was alone and being hunted. Elaine managed to evade her pursuers, including Cearnach. Now she’s back in Scotland to uncover her family legacy. One thing she didn’t expect to find was a warrior determined to finish his self-assigned task from the eighteenth century—keeping Elaine safe at all costs. The two protagonists are well matched in intelligence, and their snappy dialogue will have readers chuckling from the first chapter on. — Amber Peckham

"They say that every seven years or so, a person’s tastes change. I thought when I heard this, that it meant my taste for food! It seems though, that this evolution has spilled over into my literary choices too! A few years ago if you had said that I would be anxiously awaiting a book about a Highlander Werewolf, I would have answered “Highlander, yes, Werewolf, no.” I am not afraid to try new things…when you try new things, sometimes you are rewarded!

"The side characters of the Kilpatrick brothers, Baird and Vardon McKinley, along with all of the brothers of Cearnach; Ian the Laird of the clan and pack, Duncan and Guthrie, were all very well written. I enjoyed revisiting the MacNeill’s from previous books and I enjoyed seeing some of the “bad guys” get put in their place. As to whether I will put Ms. Spear’s series on auto buy, the answer is yes! I love the fact that I can pick up any book in this series without having to read them in order! I think I may want a Jaguar next or maybe a Wolf in SEAL’s clothing, or maybe… *sigh*" ~~Terree of The Window Seat on a Rainy Day

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elaine Hawthorne is an American grey werewolf and she has been living as a lone wolf for years. She has returned to Scotland to search for a family treasure that is supposed to be hidden by her deceased uncles. On her way to a meeting with a distant cousin, Elaine has a near collision with Cearnach MacNeill…which gets fates ball rolling.

Cearnach is second in command of the MacNeill werewolf pack. He is instantly drawn to Elaine and quickly maneuvers a situation so he can spend more time with her.

"Elaine finds herself caught up in a century’s old feud between clans with Cearnach becoming her protector and life line in this difficult situation.

A Highland Wolf Wedding was a fast paced, action packed adventure with kilt wearing highlander hotties that shift into werewolves...I absolutely loved it! The romantic tension was smoldering with an interesting ghost intervention. Terry Spear masterfully created a fabulous new addition to her Heart of the Wolf series. Check out A Highland Wolf Wedding."~~ Sailon Dii


A HIGHLAND WEREWOLF WEDDING is a delightfully amusing romantic novel. Terry Spear's 11th novel in the werewolf series is just as thrilling as her first. Spear continues to combine captivating characters, gripping mysteries, and all-consuming love stories. When Elaine and Cearnach literally run into each other for the second time in their lives, neither one will be able to just walk away unscathed. Elaine may have come to Scotland to resolve some unsettled business but she has found herself a Scottish werewolf who may steal her heart. Cearnach has been searching for the treasures stolen from his family centuries ago but when he meets Elaine he may have found the rarest treasure, her love.~~Jessica Dunn  Fresh Fiction



Steamy romance is combined with werewolves which are not just fun, but have a whole lifestyle. I’ve not read a romance like this before…Scottish brogue meeting American slang as the two Alphas try to work out where each stand…of course being lent a helping ghostly hand…


Terry Spear is an amazing writer, who brought this book to life with her clever use of details and steamy scenes to make you care about the characters you are reading about…


…and now I have a crush on hunky Scottish werewolves!~~Dominique Goodall


Miranda's Library Review

One of the things I like about this series is that the heroines are all so different. They all have a lot of inner strength, even if it comes as a surprise to them. However, because of their varied personalities the paths they take to discover their strength are very different. I enjoyed this romance a lot. I found Elaine & Cearnach both very likable and the romance was very sexy and sweet at the same time. I liked that their romance wasn’t drowned out by all of the family members and family issues. I would love to read more stories in this series in this setting. Maybe a story for Calla or Guthrie?~~Miranda


Tea and Books Review: "In Highland Werewolf Wedding, Author Terry Spear tells the story of third MacNeill Brother. Now that the funds have been returned, life should be settling down for the Brothers MacNeill and those living within their keeping... Yeah, right.. *grins*

I like Caernach.. mostly because he treats Elaine like she has a brain and expects her to use it. Nice to see in a dominant wolf. Of course to me the sexiest line in the world would be "darlin' I think your brains are sexy" Caernach, lets Elaine know just that.

This was a fun book and ties the first two books of this series into it without getting lost in the past." ~~Shauni

Romance Book Junkies~~
"Fun! Yes, fun! There is such chemistry between the two main characters and Cearnach is such an amazing character that he alone keeps the reader on their toes with his thoughts and actions. That’s not to say the rest of the characters are not just as fantastic. It just so happens I may have a teeny crush on the alpha wolf (*wink). This is the second book I’ve ever read by Terry Spear and definitely not my last. I LOVE her writing style and the way she brings the pages to life!" Ava

Booked and Loaded Reviews:
Hot Highlander Alphaness wrapped in a kilt.  Need I say more?  Well, I have to!  Because A Highland Werewolf Wedding is a straight up and top-notch read that you don’t want to miss.   The chemistry between the Cearnach MacNeill (Highland werewolf) and Elaine Hawthorn is flawless and the conflict involved within the families just adds to the entertainment   Who doesn’t love some dysfunctional family fun and ugly baggage?  I laughed and gasped through every page!  Terry Spear does an amazing job making each book in this series stand alone, so this is NOT a series you have to worry about starting at the beginning.  I have only read 2 out of this series and it has had ZERO negative impact on my enjoyment of this story.  Although, don’t blame me if every one of her books ends up on your TBR pile!!!   I enjoy the type of Alphas Terry Spear writes and Cearnach was not an exception.  They are loving, protective, and respectful – to me that adds to the overall complete hawtness!  I don’t often think that books should be turned into moves, but I think this series would make one hell of a great show or maybe I just want to see and hear all the sexy Scot’s to help enrich my imagination! ~~Annie Slasher


RomFan Reviews:

Terry Spear and given us another hit to her Werewolf Series.  I don’t think I will ever get bored with her books as each one brings a new a delightful hero and heroine as well as a fun supporting cast.  As much as Cearnach fights the attraction he has to Elaine he cannot help but want to protect her and be near her.  Elaine has had a rough time with men in her life and the last thing she wants is another one ordering her around.  It doesn’t take these two long to realize they are destined to be together but there is someone who will do everything to prevent that from happening.


Who doesn’t like a story with highlanders that are also werewolves?  This series can keep going and going and I will be one of the first in line to buy it.  Kudos to Ms. Spears for another fun filled romance.  If you have not had the chance to pick up one of her books I suggest you start now with A Highland Werewolf Wedding.~~ Annette Stone

Elaine, a young member of a pirate clan of wolf shifters finds herself thrust into the intrigue through no fault of her own. Having to hide and reinvent herself, she thought it was all behind her. But more than 300 years later she finds herself once again in the fray and back in the arms of the mysterious shifter from long ago.


Reading in Pajamas:

I liked that she and Cearnach were so very drawn to each other, knew it was destined but were still thoughtful about it. They didn’t just dive in and say it was fate. It wove in nicely with the clan battles and intrigue. The book was well written and engaging. After all….castles, warring clans, pirate treasure and hot love all set in the Scottish Highlands….what more do you need? ~~Donna

Romancing the Book
Cearnach MacNeill is one hot alpha werewolf. *Fans self*
I love Ms. Spear’s writing style, the way she develops her characters and her story telling skills. Very hot, addictive and detailed. The action scenes had me on the edge of my seat. I felt joy, sorrow and some finger biting moments while reading this book. There was some laugh out loud moments. It was an excellent story absolutely worth every moment spent reading it. It grabbed my attention from the very first page and it held it until the very end. This book is a must read and as such I would definitely recommend it to lovers of paranormal romance.~~Jenn

Paulette's Papers

This book has it all. Seriously! I am talking about men in kilts, buried treasure, relatives you can’t trust, an evil, dead mate, a ghost and of course some very yummy romance between two shifters. Is there any wonder why I couldn’t put this book down!

Warning: A Highland Werewolf Wedding does work well as a standalone but once you have read it you will have a very hard time not picking up the previous books in this series as well as all the other books Ms. Spears has written. Her writing style is just that good!~~Dani


Booked Solid with Virginia C

Terry Spear, a vivid imagination, an eye for detail, and a glorious clan of Highland Werewolves!

AUTHOR TERRY SPEAR--welcome to her wild and wolfish world of paranormal romantic adventure!
But will the undeniable attraction between them grow into a prize more valuable than any treasure they could imagine? Terry Spear writes with great imagination, humor, and an involving eye for detail. Her stories sizzle with heat, but there's always a great deal of heart to satisfy a romance-lover's soul. ~~Virginia C