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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

I'm working on A Highland Wolf Christmas(Guthrie's story). I have Paul's SEAL story and one of the Tammy's brother's stories, another jaguar shifter coming too, Jaguar Pride.

I have several books either written already, or works-in-progress that are on hold because of the deadlines for other books.
But I wanted to share some of the covers for the books that will be written when I can find the time!

The continuing story about the vampires Levka, Arman, Stasio and Ruric, and Elaine who they picked up in the first book. Arman is the one who's getting them into trouble this time over a girl named Fiona, thinking to protect her from a master vampire, only she's making a declaration of her own in The Vampire is Mine!





Written, needs revisions.

Written, needs revisions.

Well, then there was Vampire Redemption.  

I'm still working on the sequel to Huntress for Hire, but I found this cover and had to have it. Adonis's younger sister is the one causing all the trouble now! Actually, she caused it in the first book too. So it's time for her to get her comeuppance. Eventually. :) 

I actually was working on the sequel to Deadly Liaisons, Dangerous Liaisons, but still haven't found a cover. So I might have to finish this one first. 




Magic of Inherian, book 3, the Emerald Isle of Mists.

This is Lady Kersta's story.

Work in progress.

Another book in the Shadow Elf series.

I need more time to write! :)


Another finished romantic suspense, but still working on revisions. :)

 Deadly Fortune was the first. Dangerous Predictions is the sequel with Sascha the Sensation and her story. 




And then we have more of those hunky Highlanders...


 Haven't decided on this one.

A book in the Shadow Elf Series.

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