Dreaming of the Wolf

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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

Dreaming of the Wolf


December 2011

Book 8

Werewolf pack leader Jake Silver is an acclaimed photographer. He sees a beautiful woman at the art gallery where his photos are on display, and his intrigue turns into wolfish protectiveness. Alicia Greiston has never met anyone like Jake-he’s sexy, alpha, and totally irresistible, and he calls to something primal in her soul.



Review of Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Okay,  apparently the book gods saw me in my distress over my dilema with the less than hotness level in the recent books that I’ve reviewed.  I mean they were good but they weren’t the  ”grab a fan” scenes that had you panting and needing a cold glass of water afterwards to cool down.  Well the gods smiled down on me and said “We’ve heard your plea dear reviewer and offer you this.” And boy did they deliver this book was smoking.

This one won’t be released until December 1st but mark those calenders. (You can pre order here) This one is worth the wait. This had it all and I absolutely loved it. To let you know how much, I got it and had it finished in 2 days. It kept my interest.  Hot, hot love scenes and plenty of twist and turns throughout the entire story.

Jake is Hot, that’s right with a capital H. He’s an Alpha Werewolf and a photographer. (awwwww) but don’t mistake his photography as taking away from him at all. He is all Alpha.

Alicia didn’t annoy me. Sure she was female and had her issues but she didn’t care about her size, circumstances, obstacles that she came up against, she meet them head on.  I am so hard on female characters because they wimp out for me, Alicia was actually one I liked.  The connection between them left the pages smoking.

You can catch up on all of her books here.

So thank you Terry Spear, you have renewed my faith that there are still hot books out there. That put all mortal human men to shame and take you into a fantasy world that you dont’ want to leave.

Heat Factor: Burning

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Terry Spear once again delivers! Dreaming of the Wolf is another remarkable tale of a man and his mate.  The chemistry between Alicia and Jake is full of sensuality very entertaining and bursting with romance and danger that will have you dreaming of your own wolf.  I can never get enough of Ms. Spear’s wolves and look forward to her next adventure.

Annette gives this book

Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (365 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Werewolf pack leader Jake Silver is an acclaimed photographer. He sees a beautiful woman at the art gallery where his photos are on display, and his intrigue turns into wolfish protectiveness. Alicia Greiston has never met anyone like Jake–he's sexy, alpha, and totally irresistible, and he calls to something primal in her soul.

The aura of romance reached out and grabbed me as soon as Jake spied Alicia and followed her like a lost puppy in the first chapter. Ms. Spear set up the motivation, plot and drama right then and there and I was hooked.

Dreaming of the Wolf has the most adorable wolfie on the cover and I wanted to scratch his ears. Realizing that the cover represented the delectable Jake Silver in the story made it very plausible that Jake was a very handsome and capable man. I love it when a cover can capture the essence of one of the characters. Jake was a delight. He was yummy, forceful, quite protective and he was an alpha. He also did artwork with flowers. Talk about a dichotomy. I liked how initially he went with his gut and how later on he realized that there was more than simply attraction going on. He was falling in love. Alphas never do it the easy way though. Oh no, he has to fight mob connections for her and as a reader might guess, it’s an uphill battle. Jake is great in battle. The author did a wonderful job of depicting the hero as a capable and effective fighter – when given the chance. Nothing more fascinating to watch than a protector being thwarted and when he finally gets a chance to go all out, the scenes were exciting, tightly written and full of wonderful wolf mojo.

The beneficiary of all that glorious testosterone is Alicia. The author has quite a few surprises in store for the heroine and readers alike. I tremendously enjoyed how Ms. Spear had Alicia’s life spin out of control all while orchestrating her being in Jake’s sphere of influence to the point where the heroine finally gets the feeling that things could possibly go right for a change. However a lot of wrong has to happen first. While that is happening, a reader gets to see her test her mettle against big bad guys, amazing and scary revelations and a man who she can’t help falling in love with. She tries, oh yes she does because she felt she needed to ‘save’ him and protect him from herself. What a wonderful set up for an awakening to love and all that entails. Alicia is also really sweet especially when she focuses on one fact other than what Jake expected – it endeared her even more to the hero and it made me feel more connected to the heroine. What must it be like to be faced with that many unknowns and to want to be elated but end up being worried instead. Talk about emotional angst, and Ms. Spear hit the target on every one. I felt the heroine’s fear, pain, excitement and joy. Now that’s real storytelling.

The villains are many with one in particular being the peskiest. Mario is a real creep. His brother is a surprise as well a great conflict motivator. The other relatives are weak and evil and the henchmen are just bullies. There’s a lot of gun play and blood and suspense. How in the world is Alicia going to get out of the sticky wicket she finds herself in? Every time she turns around, it gets worse and worse and more overwhelming! Ms. Spear proved genius in her handling of it all. Some readers might think the final solution to be too pat or perfect but it worked for me. In fact, I slumped in relief. I don’t think I’d have believed any other resolution than what the author chose to do – it fit. I was so happy!

For that extra spice, the author had Jake and Alicia have mad passionate dream sex. That doesn’t sound impressive and for a lot of books it’s a drawback and one of my least favorite writing techniques. Ms. Spear is the only author who’s presented a logical and wonderful reason why it works and why I will read every word, sentence and paragraph without skimming or skipping. For readers of the series, they’ll know why and for new readers, it’ll be a treat. Well, it’s a treat either way actually.

Romance abounds in every caress, kiss and heated gaze making Dreaming of the Wolf a must read for anyone who enjoys sensual passion with their romantic suspense. Jake and Alicia eventually become the loving couple they both yearned for but never expected to deserve much less have. And the fact they found it in each other purely by accident, by the whim of fate, showcases how special their relationship truly is. I had an awesome time reading this book. It’s a real page flipper and almost impossible to put down until the final page is turned. I swooned at how perfect the ending was, and how happy Jake and Alicia ended up being. Dreaming of the Wolf is paranormal romance at its finest.

Dreaming of the Wolf  (12/01/11) is the 8th book in Terry Spear’s Wolf Series and I find myself running out of words to describe just how fantastic these books are; Dreaming of the Wolf is no exception. From the first few pages, it was non-stop action. This book is a little different than the others in that the majority of the story takes place away from the pack. This book can be read as a stand-alone and while some of my favorite characters from the other books do show up, you won’t be lost in the story if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series. I loved the pairing of Jake with Alicia. Jake being the alpha male and Alicia being a strong independent woman made for some great banter between the two. Ms. Spear’s writing has tremendous detail, depicting realistic thoughts and emotions, bringing the spirit of the wolf alive.  Dreaming of the Wolf is a must-have addition to any Terry Spear fan’s bookshelf. Well done, Terry; your wolves never cease to thrill me.~~Rhonda Valverde, Vampire Romance Books


Jake Silver is visiting Breckenridge to drop off some of his photography to a local art studio when he spots a woman acting suspiciously across the street. The wolf and man in him is intrigued and goes on the hunt. Though his kind (wolves) doesn’t normally interfere with human problems he can’t help but come to the rescue of the beautiful Alicia Greiston from a couple mob goons. Unaware of the danger Jake placed himself in, Alicia takes it upon herself to keep Jake safe by disappearing. If she’s gone, the mob won’t go after Jake to hurt her. One night together should have been an easy thing for Jake to get over. Since Alicia is human it’s not like he could have a long relationship with her. But when Alicia starts coming to him in his dreams every single night, he knows something isn’t right.  His family has a history of dreaming of their intended mate, but Alicia isn’t a wolf.  So what is it about this woman that is drawing him to her?


Dreaming of the Wolf by Terry Spear
Book 8
Publisher: Sourcebook Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Length: 384 pages


Werewolf Jake Silver is an acclaimed photographer who is trying to please the pack leaders of Silver Town, Colorado by selling is photos to art galleries. When he spies a woman taking a photo of a license plate he is intrigued like never before. She is a bounty hunter intending to arrest a couple of mobsters, and Jake soon intervenes to protect her from a thug.

Shelly’s Review:

When Jake drops off some of his photos at the art gallery, he sees a beautiful woman with a camera who catches his interest. He follows her to a nearby restaurant. Once inside, when he finally spots her, he comes to her aid as a couple of men seem to be bothering her. Jake kisses her, pretending to be her boyfriend and the sparks begin to fly.

Alicia is a bounty hunter trying to find and arrest a couple of mob criminals. When Jake comes to her rescue, she realizes she may get him killed if they get involved. Jake wants Alicia and he just can’t let her go.

Dreaming of the Wolf is yet another thoroughly entertaining paranormal romance from Ms. Spear! It’s not only a romance, but has it’s share of suspense and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole way through. Romances with wolf shapeshifters are hot these days and this one is no exception. The wolves in Dreaming of the Wolf have definitely got their sexy turned on.

Ms. Spear has a flair for the paranormal and if you’re not careful, her characters just may leave you drooling (lol). The sexual tone of the book is sensual from the very beginning and it only gets more intense as the story develops. The sex is frequent, explicit, and infinitely arousing. With the sex, romance, shapeshifting wolves, and all the intrigue, Dreaming of the Wolf packs quite a wallop! This one’s a KEEPER!

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Shelly! Dark Divas Reviews


Dreaming Of The Wolf

Title: Dreaming of the Wolf

Author: Terry Spear

Buy Link: Buy Dreaming Of The Wolf Here!

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell


Werewolf pack leader Jake Silver is an acclaimed photographer. He sees a beautiful woman at the art gallery where his photos are on display, and his intrigue turns into wolfish protectiveness. Alicia Greiston has never met anyone like Jake-he’s sexy, alpha, and totally irresistible, and he calls to something primal in her soul.

You Gotta Read Review:

Jake Silver was dropping off some of his photographs at an art shop in the quaint tourist town of Breckenridge, Colorado when he spies a young woman covertly taking pictures of a license tag. With a curiosity inherent to the lupus garou, he is instantly intrigued and more than a little attracted. Following her into the restaurant across the street, he becomes alarmed when she is threatened by a seedy looking man who obviously has a gun under his jacket. Coming to her rescue, Jake finds out his mystery woman, Alicia Greiston, is a rookie bounty hunter out to capture a couple of big time mobsters. More than half in love with her by now, he becomes concerned for her safety and is determined to offer his protection, whether she likes it or not. After two failed marriages, Alicia has sworn off men, and she is too focused on making sure the man responsible for her mother’s murder is punished, to spend anytime starting a new relationship. Still, her would be hero is awfully charming and really good looking. Maybe lunch would be okay, and he could offer a decent cover while she tails her mobsters. With both Jake and Alicia hiding big secrets, the situation becomes explosive quickly. When a threat is made against Jake, Alicia knows she has to let him go, but Jake isn’t willing to give her that option.

Wow! I’m so glad I read this book. I now have a new “Must Read” series to love. This was such a fun and easy book to read. It was like a good single malt scotch, smooth as silk with a pleasant burn leaving a lovely tingle behind. Jake was alpha to the bone, but a more laid back version. Alicia was totally unaware of any type of supernatural occurrences going on, until it bit her on the butt…. literally. Alicia, while having some minor insecurities, was still a terrific heroine determined to save the day by any means necessary. The action was fast and continuous, keeping the readers attention glued to the pages until the very last sentence. The humor and sizzling romance relieved the tension brought on by the danger stalking our furry couple. This group of shifters have a more realistic make-up than others I have read. Yes, they are supernatural, but they still have weaknesses and aren’t all that different than humans. This group, as a whole came off as very affable and I wouldn’t mind having a few of them as neighbors. (wink, wink) Dreaming of the Wolf combines a great story with interesting, very detailed characters in one thoroughly entertaining book. I am definitely on board the Terry Spear bandwagon now. I can’t wait for the next stop. Hint- ( this wolf is also a SEAL).


Larissa's Life Reviews

Dreaming of the Wolf

So Awesome! This is exactly what i love the most about long term Paranormal Romance series, getting to revisit groups of characters that I love and get to see previously met ones get their Happily Ever After.

I literary could not put Dreaming of the Wolf down for a second and ended up going through it all night long and getting no sleep at all, it was absolutely worth it though. To see Lelandi's family again and witnessing Jake getting to find his dream woman.

Jake is such a great Alpha male and don't get him wrong, he might not be leader of pack, but he is definitely an Alpha male through and through and Alicia is more than enough to drive him crazy with her antics and wild with passion. I loved their interaction and romance. Specially since she starts off as human and you can't help but wonder how the hell are they ever going to be together. 

Dreaming of The Wolf is a fantastic installment in Terry's awesome werewolf series and probably the most action-packed pone to date and I LOVED every minute of it.

It had it all, from hot and steamy smex to suspense and tender moments galore. Exactly what a Paranormal Romance lover could have ever hoped for in her wildest dreams.

I recommend the Heart od The Wolf series to all PNR lovers out there, you won't be disappointed, specially if you have a weakness for Alpha males and strong female characters.



Night Owl Reviews Book Review of Dreaming of the Wolf
Wolf Book 8

Reviewed by: Robin

Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter in Breckeridge, Colorado. She usually goes after female bail jumpers but now she is going after some big fish. She is after a mob boss and his right hand. Alicia's mother has always dated men who are involved with the mob in one way or another. Alicia has always worried about her mother getting hurt. A few months ago her worst fears came true. Her mother and the man she was seeing at the time were shot and killed on a local hiking trail. There were no leads on the case but Alicia knew who shot them and not only that but who had ordered the hit. When both men miss their court date, Alicia is determined to bring them both in.

Jake Silver is the second to his brother who is the pack leader in their small town. His new sister-in-law talks him into taking his wildlife photos to a gallery in Beckeridge. While waiting for the gallery to open, Jake sees a woman taking a picture of the plates on a parked car. When she goes into a local restaurant he follows her in. There is something about her that intrigues not only him but his wolf as well. Jake knows that a relationship between the two of them is not going to happen because Alicia is human. When Jake sees a thug trying to get Alicia to leave the restaurant with him, Jake comes to her rescue. The more time they spend together it seems the closer they grow. When Alicia gets word that the mob boss will kill Jake if she does not leave him, she is worried that it will happen so she skips town. Jake heads back home after having no luck trying to track Alicia down. He starts having dreams about Alicia and he is confused because a dream mating can only happen between two wolfs, not a human. On her own Alicia faces many changes and surprises; she comes to know that she needs Jake.

This is the eight installments of Ms. Spear's Werewolf series. I have loved each and every one of the books in this series. This story is a love-at-first-sight kind of story. The humor between the two main characters had me laughing out loud. There was enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat. I have not been disappointed in any of the books in this series. They are all keepers. Book nine will be out March of 2012 it is titled A Seal in Wolf's Clothing.

Nov 21, 2011 | 9781402245558


Jake Silver hated being away from his pack, so waiting around Breckenridge, Colorado for the art gallery to open was not making him a happy camper. He knew letting his packmates talk him into selling his photographs would was a bad idea. When he spots the sexy little sprite across the street taking covert pictures of a license tag, he does what any curious male wolf would do…. he hunts. Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter  after the mobster responsible for her mother’s murder. When the gorgeous and charming stranger comes to her rescue after one Constantino’s goons corners in a restaurant, Alicia rethinks her stance on giving up on men for awhile. A two time loser in the marriage arena, Alicia has giving up on “happily ever after”, but a really happy one night might not be a bad idea. 

A tremendously fun and easy read! This was my first foray into Terry Spear's world of the lupus garou, but it definitely won't be my last (and I had to go out and buy the first seven books after reading this wonderful gem). Dreaming of the Wolf had great, funny and interesting characters in a tension and action packed story. There was no down time in this book, each word was utilized to the fullest extent. It was action, danger, intrigue, suspense and of course a fair amount of smooshing. (for those not familiar with the Jersey Shore vernacular, ....sex) Jake was an intense but laid back alpha from the Silver town pack, an isolated, close knit group. Alicia, although she had a few tiny quirks, she was still a guns blazing, kick ass heroine and fully worthy of the title.

This is one of my favorite kind of series, it didn't leave me with emotional scars, no Xanax or bourbon was required. I could read and enjoy this book with no eye ticks or cussing fits, it went down like a lazy summer day. This is a perfect relaxing vacation from a stressful day in the real world. How great and rare is that? These are the types of shifters you could have as neighbors and friends. A little strange maybe, but who isn't? And Terry Spear knows that the reader's hostility should be directed at the villains, not irritating main characters. I love that soooo much!!! An author who gets how to create likable (and lickable) characters.... YAY! I am firmly on the Terry Spear's bandwagon and I recommend you find yourself a seat.

Oh, and just a heads up. The next book is about US Navy SEAL wolves. (Now that is an awesome concept)


*sigh*  A man, an alpha male, a werewolf.  Could it get any better?  For years and years I was team vampire, there was nothing else of any importance.  However, I think the tides are turning and I am team werewolf.  How could you not be?  I have yet to read a story about a werewolf that is some wimpy little cowardly pup.  No way.  They are these big hulking alpha male men, ready to defend and protect their women and their pack at all costs.  *swoon*

And now I get to add Jake Silver to my list of favorite.  This book is #8 it the Heart of the Wolf series.  Which, embarrassingly, I didn’t realize when I requested the book from NetGalley.  Then looking through my kindle, I see I also have #5!! Whew!  Anyhow, this book easily read as a stand alone book.  There was no point that I felt lost in this world.  Everyone was described and everything fit.

This story’s heroine is Alicia Greiston.  Her mother was murdered six months ago, and she is out to avenge her mothers death.  She doesn’t want to kill the guy who did it, she just wants justice and wants him in prison where he belongs.  So she goes through training, she becomes a bounty hunter.  She may look like this petite little thing, but the girl can pack a punch and uses her feminine appearance to her advantage.  Usually she deals with female criminals, but now she has finally been handed the case she really wants.  Mario and his henchmen – mob guys.

Then we meet the hero male lead of the story, Jake Silver. Va va va voom, this guy has it all (as I’ve already noted haha).  Oh, did I forget to mention he takes stunning photographs?  The man is the whole package.  He sees Alicia, and instantly wants her – a human!

I really enjoyed this book, and all of its twists and turns.  There was a lot of action, and the picture was painted very clearly.  I kept finding myself waiting for my next free moment, itching to turn on my kindle and see what happens next.  Poor Alicia keeps finding herself in trouble, time after time.  These guys are proving harder to catch than she had anticipated!

And the love scenes were hot, and plentiful enough that I didn’t feel like the book was just about these two hooking up or, on the opposite hand, that they didn’t feel “it” for each other. They were hot together.  And the dreaming was an addition I really enjoyed to this story.

The author did a fantastic job dealing with the wolves in their wolf form.  I really felt like I was looking through the eyes of a wolf.  The great thing about shifter stories is you get this whole other layer of the characters. Sure, you get to know them as humans, but then you get to really know them – the true person – as their shifter self.  And in this book particularly, the way wolves interacted with each other and their surroundings really lent a realistic feel to the book.

I am definitely going to read the rest of this series, starting with book one.  Terry Spear has a new fan, and I can’t wait to start!



Judging the Book by Its Pages

Alicia only want one thing to throw the men who killed her mother behind bars but when that plan goes terribly wrong can she trust her fate in the arm of a wolf.  I have to say I love how this one gal tried so hard to take on the mob that killed her mother and just kept rolling with the punches.  She was the right amount of brave and feminine for my liking and I just couldn’t get enough of her.  Plus she just happened to have one great occupation.

Jake just wants to go on with his life in peace and seclusion that is until one trip to an art gallery shows him a woman he can’t imagine living without.  Jake is a great alpha male both protective and strong but not overpowering.  I loved that he was willing to step in and defend Alicia whenever the situation called for it but also there to sooth her when everything started to fall apart.

I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, which seeings how this is book seven that’s a biggie, but surprisingly it wasn’t that hard to keep up with.  The story had a great plot line which obviously had the other characters blended in but you didn’t feel like you were missing out on anything and I loved that about it.  I would recommend this book to anyone that likes wolf shifters.  I may just have to look up the rest of the books in this series to see what I’ve been missing.



Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

Sourcebooks, Dec 1 2011, $6.99

ISBN: 9781402245558


In Breckenridge, Colorado, pack sub leader (to his older brother) Jake Silver stops at Cliffside Art Gallery to leave his latest popular photographs.  However, the gallery is closed until later in the morning due to a family emergency.  With time to waste, he notices a beautiful woman acting suspiciously before entering a restaurant.  Jake follows her inside as she piqued his wolf.  However, a brute accosts her and other brutes are outside.  Unable to sit idly by, Jake enters the fray.  He extracts her from the mess without a fight for now.


Alicia Greiston explains she is a bounty hunter after Danny Massaro and Mario Constantine as this case involves the mobsters who arranged the murder of her mother.  Attracted to one another, Jake joins Alicia’s quest.  As they fall in love, they face the mob.  At the same time the lovers wonder if they survive the gauntlet will their love endure too.


The latest exhilarating urban romantic werewolf thriller (see heart of the Highland Wolf) is a great entry starring a fabulous duet battling against mob goons.  Filled with an intriguing paranormal twist, the queen of werewolf dramas Terry Spear provides a powerful tale as she makes her mythos seem real due to the author’s blending of wolf pack culture into a great tale of love and war.


Harriet Klausner