Legend of the White Wolf

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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

Legend of the White Wolf: In a world of snow and ice, their passions blaze...


In this fourth in Spear's werewolf series, Private Eye Cameron MacPherson and forensic scientist Faith O'Malley are both on quests that lead them into the world of magical wolves, mystery and murder.

Cameron arrives in wintry Maine to search for his partners in his P.I. business who are late returning from a hunting trip, and runs into Faith, there to locate her ex-boyfriend who stole her father’s research. But Cameron and Faith instantly are attracted to one another and keeping their business on a strictly professional level doesn't have a snowball's chance of succeeding in a toasty fire-warmed cabin, the couple snowbound and the setting perfect for an unplanned tryst.

Together, the two tumble into an icy world of mayhem where myth, legend, and reality merge, changing their lives forever.


Barnes and Noble

The author keeps her supernatural world focused on just werewolves, world-building that is nicely uncomplicated and all the more powerful for it. Grounded in real-world wolf behaviour and a touch of the magical, the werewolves here are captivating. Cameron and Faith's adventures lead them into the heart of this supernatural world with consequences that bond them and change their lives.

Containing dog-sled and snowmobile chases in the wilderness, "wolf attacks", kidnappings and more,
Legend of the White Wolf is very much a page-turner and a curl-up-on-your-couch read. Romance readers will love Cameron and Faith's story and the many surprises it delivers. The romance and suspenseful action are deftly blended. I would love to read a follow-up story centred on this couple. Legend of the White Wolf can be read with no previous exposure to the series.

Terry Spear has two more books in the series scheduled for release this year including
Seduced by the Wolf and Wolf Fever. I'm looking forward to picking up the one's I've missed!~~SciFi Guy


Legend of the White Wolf --Alternative Worlds Review

The fourth werewolf romantic suspense thriller (see To Tempt a Wolf, Heart of the Wolf and Destiny of the Wolf) is a super entry as two dedicated individuals combine their mission only to fall in love at first bite. The pristine descriptions of Maine and elsewhere add to the feeling that a werewolf pack runs free in the tundra. Fans will relish this strong paranormal entry as no one does tales of the wolf better than Terry Spear does.

Harriet Klausner

Terry Spear's wolves are not your average "werewolf". These wolves are actual wolves. She does a lot of research on wolves in the wild and explains some of the Native American history of wolves in her books. This book has love, romance, action, suspense, mystery and more. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is fiction, romance, fantasy, and mystery all in one. "Legend of the White Wolf is a Staff Pick!" ~~Terri Badiuk, Book Seller

Spear’s latest novel is bursting with romance, suspense, and heart-pounding excitement!

Here are some things I enjoyed: There’s a scene, where Cameron runs a towel over Faith’s wet hair. I thought it was both simple and utterly romantic. The author’s description of an Aurora Borealis was also beautifully written.

What will you enjoy? Hunky- wolfish men shedding their clothes, wolf bites, hotel clerk’s key mix-ups, and the reference to the Sleeping Beauty trio.

Legend of the White Wolf will leave you howling for more! Don’t worry, Terry Spear promises to feed our wolf addiction with books five and six, set to release by fall of 2010. Both novels will be published by Sourcebooks, Inc., Casablanca-titled Seduced by the Wolf and Wolf Fever. ~~Susan S, guest reviewer, Love Romance Passion

Legend of the White Wolf is not your typical romance novel, even though it starts out to be one. This is what is called an "Urban Fantasy" and it definitely comes through as a fun book to read. I didn't realize I was reading the 4th book in a series of werewolf romance novels. So that should tell you that you don't need to read the other books to read this one. And if you love books like Twilight, especially New Moon, then you'll love this book! I know I did.

This is a book about two people who fall in love during their own individual mysteries that just so happen to intertwine. Just like their investigations combine, they do as well, and that's before they end up becoming werewolves. This book has two of my favorite types of genres mixed into one romance novel... the paranormal and mystery. It keeps you guessing and keeps you thrilled from beginning to end. I liked all the characters enough that I hope the next book has all of them in it! I'm certainly going to be reading the first three books as well! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal, mystery and romance novels... it's all three in one great story!~~Moms for Books

I love that this book has love, romance, action, suspense and mystery. I had a hard time to put the book down at times because I just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen.~~Cindy's Love of Books


Score: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick


Faith O'Malley is on her way to Millinocket Maine to talk to someone at Back Country Tours.  She is trying to find her ex-boyfriend who works there as a tour guide.  He took off with her father's research and she doesn't know why he would want the research.  Along the way she runs into a snowstorm and stops at hotel for the night.  The clerk gives her the key and room number to a room that already has someone staying there.  That someone is Cameron MacPherson.  He is an ex-police officer who now works as a private investigator from Seattle.  He is also headed for Back Country Tours.  He is looking for his two partners, who happen to also be long time friends. They are a week overdue from a hunting trip with the tour group.  Faith and Cameron decide to work together since they are heading to the same place.  But what they find when they get there is that there is a killer on the loose.  Someone thinks that the owner and employees of the tour group are werewolfs and is trying to take them out one at a time.  Faith and Cameron agree to help find the killer in exchange for the information they are looking for.  

This is the fourth book of Ms Spear's werewolf series.  I have read everyone of them and in my opinion they just keep getting better and better.  Ms. Spear puts a different spin on the werewolf story.  With this series you have romance, adventure and a paranormal twist.  If you like your werewolf stories with a bit of a bite, then pick this series up now. 

Reviewer: Robin 
Dec 2009

Legend of the White Wolf is the forth werewolf book I've read by Terry Spear. Each can be read stand alone and each tale is very entertaining. Ms. Spear has a knack for making her characters believable and the wolves seem very realistic. I loved the characters of Cameron and Faith; both are loyal to their cause and relentless in their search for answers. Naturally they don't get along in the beginning but have to learn to trust each other if they want to survive the world they have just stumbled into. The werewolf community they discover either kills or converts anyone who learns about them. But this year there is a group of killers hunting down pack members and killing them and Cameron and Faith maybe able to help find and stop them once the werewolves ensure they won't tell their secrets. So this story is a werewolf tale, a mystery, and a romance all rolled up into one. I loved it. If you have never read a werewolf tale by Terry Spear, this is a good one to start with.

Overall rating
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Steph B.
December 16, 2009

"I actually read LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF by Terry Spear in January, but I’ve had to take some time to consider my thoughts and feelings. I have to say even after this time I’m still in love with LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF and while this is my first book by Ms. Spear it won’t be my last. I simply loved LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF. Ms. Spear elegantly and expertly mixes true life wolves with mythological werewolves and their human counterpart. I honestly had no idea who was truly good, who truly bad and who was a blend of good guy/bad guy. I laughed, I got teary-eyed, and I sighed. I look forward to reading Ms. Spear’s previous titles in this series: HEART OF THE WOLF, DESTINY OF THE WOLF, and TO TEMPT THE WOLF as well as eagerly awaiting the next title: SEDUCED BY THE WOLF (August 2010). I do hope we see Cameron, Faith, and all the others again in the upcoming novels. If you like paranormal with sexy characters, intriguing storylines, and edge of your seat action you’ll love LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF. I highly recommend this title to everyone. If you’ve never read a werewolf story I suggest Ms. Spear’s should be your first!"

Reviewed by: Wendy Keel, Rating: 4.5


"The romance between Cameron and Faith is absolutely adorable. Cameron is sweet, gentlemanly but enough of a rogue to catch any woman's eye. But just because he's 'gentlemanly' doesn't mean he's passive. The passion between him and Faith sizzles off the page and would make us all head up to the wilds of Maine to find our own 'magical' wolf.

All in all, Ms Spear shows a fine talent for creating believable and fascinating characters. She handles the mystery portion of the plot with a great deal of finesse which made reading the book a joy. You definitely don't want to miss this one." Lynda K Scott, Star-Crossed Lovers


"Such a wild read. This fast paced book will keep you turning pages wanting to know what's going to happen and how Cameron and Faith deal with everything that gets tossed their way.

Spear's world of the lupus garou is wild and sexy, shapeshifters at their best. No crazy wolfman monsters running around, no Spear's books are filled with sexy men that turn into actual wolves based on Native American lore.

Definitely a wild and sexy series you'll want more of so you won't be disappointed to learn that two more of her werewolf books will be released later this year:
Seduced by the Wolf and Wolf Fever with two other wolf books scheduled for release in 2011- Dreaming of the Wolf and Taming the Highland Wolf"~~Roxanne Rhoads


Legend of the White Wolf is a fast paced story with both elements of paranormal and mystery. Passions and danger run high, which makes for an exciting read. One not to be missed. This is the 4th book in Ms. Spear's Werewolf series, but can be read as a stand alone. ~~Anna's Book Blog

Excerpt from Legend of the White Wolf:

Once she reached her room, she slid the key card in. Green light. She twisted the handle and pushed. The door didn’t budge. She tried again. Same thing. She hated key cards. Why couldn’t they just use regular old brass keys?

She tried a third time and this time she twisted the handle harder and shoved the door more firmly. And was rewarded. Lights were on in the room and the place was already toasty warm as if the welcoming mat had been set out for her. Perfect. She walked into the room and glanced at the two queen-sized beds, the chartreuse covers pulled back from the pillow of one, a chocolate wrapped in gold foil sitting on the center of it. She smiled and pulled off her parka, peeled off her boots, and reached for the phone to call room service when she saw a leather bucket filled with ice. Wow, they sure knew how to coddle their guests.

That’s when she heard the bathroom door open. She whipped around and faced a naked man towel drying his hair. Or at least until he saw her.

 His mouth gaped. Hers matched his expression, and he quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. “I didn’t think room service would come this soon.” He glanced down at her sock-covered feet, her boots lying beside them.

 “I’m not…I’m…they gave me a key to your room by accident.” Faith tried not to look at the man’s physique—too much—but ripped abs, arms muscled just enough that could give a woman a good hug, and toned legs that looked like they could run a marathon, were just too appealing.

And his eyes—blue like the ocean, dark, hiding a wealth of secrets, that held her gaze with way too much interest as if she was the specialty of the house and just what he’d ordered on the menu. A light blond stubble covered his square jaw, making him appear a bit roguish and intriguing.

He folded his arms across his broad chest. A light smattering of blond hair trailed down to the towel slung low on his hips. Her gaze dropped lower. He cleared his throat to get her attention, making her skin heat in a flush of awareness, but he wasn’t moving out of her path. The one she needed to take to get to the door. Although for now she wished it was her room, and he was part of the amenities.

He inclined his head a little, a hint of a smile on his lips, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Then I guess I’d better get dressed before—”

A knock rapped on the door.

“Too late.” His deeply-amused baritone voice sounded like he was enjoying this a little too much as he turned, took a couple of steps, and opened the door.

Great. Faith hurried to pull on one boot, when the aroma of steak wafted into the room as a man brought in a tray. Faith’s stomach growled. The room service guy glanced at her, green eyes smiling. She could just imagine what he was thinking what with the room’s occupant wearing a towel, and her pulling her boots on.

The toweled guy signed the bill, and the lodge employee grinned, dimples appearing on his ruddy cheeks. “Thanks so much, sir. If you need anything else, just ring.” He glanced at Faith, smiled even more as if to say she could visit him next if she had a mind to, then left the room.

“Enough for two of us, if you want to split a medium-rare steak, baked potato, and salad,” the sandy-haired hunk said.

“Thanks so much for the offer, but I’m returning to the front desk to get the right room key. Have a nice night.” She brushed past the mostly naked man, smiled when he smiled, then hurried out of the room.

“The night could have been better,” he murmured.

Terry Spear, 2009