To Tempt the Wolf

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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

The Oregon Coast will never be the same...

To Tempt the Wolf

To Tempt the Wolf
Sourcebooks Casablanca
September 1, 2009 Release!
Wildlife photographer, Tessa Anderson has to prove her brother is innocent of the murder charges against him.  But when she discovers a half-dead, naked man on her beach who looks like a mythical Greek god, she’s got a whole world of new troubles to deal with, least of all how he affects her with just a look, a touch, a whispered word.

All Hunter Greymere remembers when the enticing female human rescues him is a he’s lupus garou.  Whether he was pushed from the Oregon cliffs or fell is a mystery.  Intending to keep a low profile at Tessa’s cabin on the coast, he’s drawn into her troubles while investigating the truth about his own past. But he finds that living with humans causes more problems than he ever believed possible. His animal instincts war with his human half–he wants the intriguing woman, who attracts male lupus garous like one of his own kind, but he knows he can’t have her for good–unless she becomes one of them.

Secrets abound in the quiet coastal community, but can Tessa and Hunter uncover the truths before it’s too late?

ParaNormal Romance Top Pick for September!!

Reviewed by Wendy Hines

An award-winning author of medieval historical romantic suspense treats us to a magical romance of a werewolf and a human, and how love can conquer all.

Tess Anderson is a wildlife photographer for a magazine. She doesn’t really like it, but she needs the money to help defend her brother. But as she is risking her life to snap pictures of a forest fire, a grey wolf appears. She retreats, but not without her heart in her mouth. It’s uncommon for any animal to stay where danger threatens, but she can’t think about it now as she is on the way to her brother’s trial for murder.

Hunter Greymore is a lupus garou–a grey werewolf. When the forest fire gets too close to their home, he and his sister Meara packs up what belongings they can. They travel to his Uncle Basil’s cabin to stay and to see if any of their pack return. But down the road from the cabin lives a wildlife photographer and her brother, and it won’t do for them to catch Hunter or his sister shape-shift.

But when Hunter shows up on Tess’s beach half-naked and injured, she has even more problems. For instance, how attracted she is to him. Hunter doesn’t recall how he ended up on Tess’s beach, but he does remember he is a werewolf. So to keep a low profile, he stays with Tess at her cabin and soon is immersed in her investigations for her brother as well as trying to figure out his own past. But the chemistry sizzles between Tess and Hunter and a choice will soon have to be made. They can’t remain together if she remains human.

Action-packed romance and suspense-filled plot add up to pure magic. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Terry Spear is a great addition to the paranormal genre!

Armchair Interviews says: A paranormal romp that sizzles!


Night Owl Romance Reviews~~

 Night Owl Romance gave it their Reviewer Top Pick~~5 Hearts!

Ms Spear has written another great werewolf story. This is number three in her werewolf series. If action, romance and suspense are what you are looking for in a story then look no further, you will find it all in Ms Spears werewolf series. Look for the next action packed story, Legend of the White Wolf, coming out in the spring of 2010.   

 "Do not attempt to start reading this book unless you have a full two hours to sit and be held spell bound by what begins to unfold from the first page of this story. With absolute fascination and intrigue, I was held captive and unable to put this book down. In my mind's eye I could imagine everything that took place within the pages of this book. That is how well this book is written." ~~Margo Arthur, Romance Studio, 5 Hearts

To Tempt the Wolf is the third installment in the werewolf series by Terry Spear.  Each release has been even more exciting than the last, and they can also be read as stand-alones.  The non-stop action, chilling mystery, and fast-blooming romance combine to make this a book that you won’t want to set down.  If you enjoy reading mystery with a healthy dose of paranormal elements and a steamy romance, this is a story that you’re sure to enjoy.~~ Kimberly Swan, DarqueReviews.com

TO TEMPT THE WOLF was nominated in the TRS Cupid and Psyche Awards and received Honorable Mention along with three NYT best selling authors and the winner who was a USA Today best selling author!!

Recommended Read from NOR for To Tempt the Wolf!

Top Pick from Novel Thought!!!
Reading TO TEMPT THE WOLF was like watching a movie in HD. The characters were all vivid and lively.I liked how Ms. Spears was able to focus on Tessa and Hunter, but also introduce other important characters that made this an intriguing story and to see how far each of those characters would go to care for each other.
I usually don ' t read werewolf stories, but Ms. Spear ' s has spun a web of drama that pulled me in.. And for this, I was pleasantly surprised and grateful. Get it; read it; you ' ll love it! ~~Sheila Smith, Reviewer for Novel Thought

Midwest Reviews!
"To Tempt the Wolf is an extremely enjoyable and fascinating read. I am impressed with the way Spears has added her own unique twist, mixing it into the realm of shape shifters. She has successfully achieved creating a story that the reader will become absorbed in. The characters are wrote exuding life-like characteristics, the background is full of vivid description, making it easy for the reader to visualize and the plot was perfectly blended, keeping the reader guessing till the end. I am left satisfied and anticipate Terry Spears next book. This book is recommended to any readers who have a taste for the Paranormal, Supernatural, Shape Shifter and Romance genres."
~~Amy J Ramsey, Reviewer

Excerpt from To Tempt the Wolf

As soon as he stood, he grabbed hold of her shoulder and swayed.

Her heart lurching, she seized his free arm. He leaned hard against her, ready to collapse, and a new trill of panic swept her. If he pulled her down with him, she’d be where she was before, trying to lift the veritable muscled mountain off the beach.

She hung her parka over his broad shoulders and wrapped her arm around his trim waist. “Okay, it’s not too far to climb.”

Although it was, considering the injured man’s shaky condition.

They stumbled up the rough path, and she glanced down at his poor feet, taking a beating on the icy rocks. Every step could be his last, she worried, while he clung to her as if his life depended on it.

Which it probably did.

When they reached the short path to her back door, she intended to rush him inside, call for help, get him warm—not necessarily in that order—but instead, she froze in place several feet away from the edge of the small brick patio.

The back door was standing wide open, the wind banging it against the house.

“I locked it,” she said under her breath. “I know I locked it.”

Despite the overwhelming panic that filled her, she had to get the injured man into the protective shelter of the house. With trepidation, she walked him the rest of the way, and once inside, she led him through the kitchen. No sign of an intruder. But her spine remained stiff with tension.

The injured man lifted his nose and smelled. He tilted his head to the side as if he was listening for the same thing she was—sounds of the housebreaker.

She hurried the man to the velour sofa where he collapsed in a ragged heap, his expression slightly dazed. She had to get him warmed up. But she had to make sure no danger could threaten them inside the house. Glancing toward the hall and the three bedrooms, she listened. No sound of anyone rummaging through any of the rooms.

Sleet continued to pour on the roof, the sound a loud roar, which could hide the presence of someone moving around inside. She grabbed the wool afghan at the end of the couch and covered the injured man’s lap, the parka still draped across his shoulders and pink ski cap stretched tight on his head.

“I’ll turn on the heat and get some more blankets for you,” she said to him, without taking her eyes off the hallway to the bedrooms.

First, she was calling 9-1-1 and getting a knife for protection. She patted his shoulder. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

She didn’t wait for his response, instead hastening to the kitchen, yanked open a drawer, and pulled out her largest carving knife, although it was about as dull as her butter knives. Too bad she couldn’t get to her gun. With weapon in hand, she grabbed her phone, punched in 9-1-1, and lifted the receiver to her ear. No signal. She tried again. Same thing. Hell, what else could go wrong?

Shivering in her wet, icy clothes, she shut and locked the back door. When she turned, she gulped back a scream. The battered man was standing in her kitchen, looking even bigger, taller, nude again, and still blue. He moved as silently as the cat she had once shared the house with until it took off for parts unknown.

“My god, you need to rest on the couch and…and I’ll turn the heat on and…”

His indomitable gaze lowered to the knife in her hand.

Mouth dry, her heartbeat quickened. “I…someone broke into my house. I think.”

Terry Spear, 2008