Wolf Fever

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Terry Spear - USA Today Besting Selling Romance Author

Wolf Fever

Wolf Fever
Sourcebooks, Dec 2010
Book 6

Carol Woods wanted more than anything to be a nurse at the hospital in Silver Town, Colorado where her family lives, but she never foresaw how she’d end up with the job. Now she’s a red werewolf facing a mating, trying to forestall shifting for a variety of reasons—one of which has to do with a swine flu virus that seems to be attacking the werewolf kind in a bad way, while working with a private investigator who doesn’t believe in her psychic abilities one bit. So why does she thinks she’s falling in love with the infuriating gray?


Chester McKinley can’t get his mind off the entrancing woman, a nurse, a newly turned red lupus garou belonging to another gray pack and the only one left who might be able to learn how to stop the swine flu virus from making a permanent impact on their kind. Although he doesn’t want to draw Carol into this dangerous situation or believe she is involved, he has no other choice. But does the woman really have psychic abilities that are keeping her from shifting, or is she a fraud, a master at deception, and is behind the infections of their people? And how can he keep his hands off the intriguing woman, and his mind on the mission as the virus takes its toll?

Top Ten Reasons Why Werewolves Don't Cheat on Their Mates!

by Terry Spear, guest blogger at Love Romance Passion and author of Wolf Fever

  1. Have you seen what big teeth they have?
  2. Even if they did think of cheating, it would be pretty difficult to disguise such a thing—did you know how sensitive their sense of smell is?
  3. And if they arrived in disguise as a wolf, they’d leave scent markings behind just from their paw pads. So their wronged mate wouldn’t even need to contact that TV show where they chase cheating boyfriends and girlfriends down to catch them in the act.
  4. But these are all reasons why cheating for wolves wouldn’t work out well. In truth, werewolves with a moral code of ethics wouldn’t cheat because staying with a mate for life is instinctual.
  5. However, if the wolf has a roaming eye, remember point number 1, their mate has very big teeth.
  6. If the wolf isn’t careful, he or she could be in the doghouse—and believe me, that’s really bad for a wolf. Any references to being a dog is worse than bad. That’s because dogs have the morals of an alley cat. Hmm…and how did she go from talking about werewolves to cats, you wonder?
  7. If the wolf was an alpha—even though in the wild only the alphas take mates, werewolves don’t have the problem with that since they can buy food from the grocery store—he would lose top dog (all right, top wolf) status. Then where would he be? An omega wolf, that’s what.
  8. And omega wolves don’t have mates. Ever. Probably not even if they’re a werewolf. Life isn’t fair and if you don’t want to be an omega, you’ve got to straighten out your—I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to say YOU were an omega…just anyone who is one would have to get their act together and maybe make it to beta status, and with a big jump, maybe to alpha status. So what alpha wolf in their right mind would want to stray from their mate and end up as an omega?
  9. So my question would be, why would any wolf ever even consider straying?
  10. It all comes back to—their mate has REALLY big teeth. :)

And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at Wolf Fever!! My faithful wolves wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!

The unfaithful ones are in the doghouse…



Wolf Fever by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (399 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Wolf Fever is another winner of a story that kept me on the edge with its unique master storytelling and plot. There are villains of different flavors and degrees that prevented me from guessing which way Ms. Spear was going to go. I enjoyed the brisk dialogue and the insights it gave me as I read. I liked Carol and Ryan as a couple and Ryan’s sister is a hot ticket. The quality of writing is as strong as ever and a must read for paranormal wolf fans who enjoy a romance laced with humor along with great suspense. It sure made it a hard to put down book. For me, I didn’t want to stop reading, even when it was time to go to bed. Who wants sleep when they’re in the middle of reading a story by Ms. Spear? Her writing is pure entertainment.~~Long and Short Reviews

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This is the sixth installment in Ms. Spear's werewolf series. Their story is a terrific suspense and there is enough action to keep a reader fascinated and interested. You will find yourself rooting for Carol and Ryan to get their happy ending. Ms. Spear brings back charters from the earlier stories; it is just like coming home again and seeing old friends. Be on the lookout for Ms. Spear's next installment of her werewolf series out in June 2011 called Heart of the Highland Wolf.~~
Robin, Night Owl Reviews

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Terri Badiuk's review
Nov 11, 10

5 of 5 starsWhen I hear Terry Spear has a new release coming...I make sure I don't have any books in progress because I will drop it to read her books!Yet again I was not disappointed!

The story begins there and it flows so well that once again I couldn't put the book down. I loved the characters, I loved the mystery aspect, I loved the unpredictable parts and of course I love the ending.

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Review: Wolf Fever by Terry Spear

Terry Spear
ISBN: 978-1402237522
December 1, 2010
Paranormal Romance/Shapeshifter
Mass Market Paperback

Carol and Chaz have fantastic chemistry, and the tension of the desire they are fighting alongside the deadly spreading disease in their midst adds page-turning excitement that just doesn’t stop. Spear’s trademark of using realistic wolf characteristics and behavior remains refreshingly delightful as does her introduction of secondary characters and subplots within the main storyline. Savor this one slowly because Spear’s next wolf series book, tentatively titled Heart of the Highland Wolf, is not due out until June 2011.

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"A riveting, entertaining werewolf novel with fun characters and storyline."A riveting and entertaining novel, WOLF FEVER is a lot of fun and makes one want to devour all of the rest of Terry Spear's books.~~Vicky Gilpin, Fresh Fiction

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RomFan Reviews:

"Book six in her Werewolf Series Terry Spear delivers another smash hit again. Ryan had been burned before by someone saying they could see the future so determined to prove Carol a fraud he is afraid to admit the truth that he is wrong (typical man). Carol is strong and able to prevent the change something no turned werewolf has been able to do she has no idea how unique she is. The chemistry between Carol and Ryan is sizzling this book is a must read and for those who have not had the pleasure of Ms. Spears wolves don’t worry they can be read as stand alones even though some secondary characters have their own stories not necessary to read them first."

Annette gives this book

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Book Addict Reviews for Wolf Fever!

"My thoughts: I really enjoy reading Terry Spear's wolves; she is very good at making the wolf come across in their human counterparts. I love her Alpha males, and even though she was a new wolf, Carol was such a stubborn Alpha female, it was fun to see the Beta males trying (unsuccessfully) to win her affections. The social hiearchy of the packs was also well-done; although not the hero of this story, Darien was a great Alpha leader who was willing to work with another Alpha to resolve his problems. The sickness plot was interesting - biological warfare within werewolf packs is a novel storyline and it worked here, providing a dose of urgency to the story.

I'm looking forward to the next book in this series - Heart of the Highland Wolf."~~Patti

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"With every book Terry writes I love the werewolf series more and more. Terry doesn't disappoint her fans with Wolf Fever . One of the best things about the books Terry writes is she always give you what you crave. She gives the readers strong, stubborn heroines and alpha heroes, along with a wonderful fast-paced story. Wolf Fever is by far my favorite one to date. It is everything a reader could want, plus a little humor and some sizzling sexual tension.

Overall Wolf Fever was addictive and hard to put down. The storyline had me turning the pages late into the night. Wolf Fever is the perfect gift for any paranormal romance fan this Christmas season." ~~~5 Hearts! MDobson
Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

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"This book has all the right ingredients for a great fantasy romance novel and if you like werewolves then you'll love this story. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series. Check out more about this series at Terry Spear's website. Terry also writes Medieval Scottish romances so I'm definitely going to get myself one of those next!"

Alaine Signature

Alaine's Queen of Happy Endings

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"This was the first book I have read in Terry Spears Wolf series. I enjoyed reading this story. If you like a paranormal story, then this one is worth your time."
Celtic Lady Reviews

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"Part of my fascination with this Terry Spear's wolf series is that she gets the technical parts down so that the story is incredible believable. You understand the transformation and the need for a pack. She does a wonderful job uniting the human condition with the animal instincts."

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Romantic Fiction Novel Wolf Fever

Terry Spear perfectly produced an urban fantasy paranormal romance novel that is simply fun to read. There aren’t a lot of deep moments that resonate with things going on in the world today, but the book does pose a perfect example of escapist literature where readers can get lost in a world that is not their own. The characters are relatable up to their wolfish qualities and the dialogue is something anyone might say, if they were a were-wolf. Over all the book is simply fun and memorable and readers wont be disappointed when they try it out.~~Jessica, Urban Fantasy Book Reviews

Read more at Suite101: Urban Fantasy Book Review - Wolf Fever http://www.suite101.com/content/urban-fantasy-book-review---wolf-fever-a315999#ixzz185a7XO00

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Wolf Fever, book six in the Heart of the Wolf series, by Terry Spear is an excellent addition to this wonderful paranormal series. Spear's ability to write, using her experience with real-wolf behavior is what really set's this series apart from the rest. The author has an uncanny sense of pack dynamics and pack behavior and it gives a real authenticity to her work.

The Heart of the Wolf series is definitely one of my favorite paranormal series' out there. Terry Spear gives readers the right amount of mystery and suspense, the right amount of sizzling romance and a great story all wrapped up in one, with Wolf Fever. Main characters Carol and Ryan heat up the pages as their relationship strengthens.~~Deb's Book Blog

Excerpt from WOLF FEVER:

Disgruntled with himself for slinking through Darien’s forest as a wolf so he could watch the house for any sign of Carol Wood, Chester Ryan McKinley hated his obsession. Even now when his P.I. practice had taken a back burner to his position as mayor and pack leader of Green Valley, he couldn’t give up thinking about Carol, whom he’d met five months earlier while investigating a murder case involving Darien’s pack. Ryan had found a lot of evidence against the murderer, but Carol’s testimony had solicited the confession and the truth of the matter.


Long-legged and stacked, with hair the color of the golden sun and eyes as deep and mysterious as a shadowed blue lake, she had often worn a troubled expression during the investigation. Most likely due to the mess she’d gotten herself into as a human. The fact she’d managed to get herself into such a predicament bothered him more than he liked to consider. As was his rescuing nature, he’d wanted to save her from her plight, ensure she didn’t become one of his kind, and shield her from what they were.


But how could he have? She’d recognized his kind were lupus garous through strange visions, or so she had said. There had been no way to change events. During an ensuing fight between gray and red lupus garou packs, a red had bitten her and turned her. Ryan sure the hell wished he’d been protecting her.


Carol had been an innocent, unprepared for what would happen and unable to fight back. He imagined she’d never before witnessed wolf combat, which for a human had to have been extremely unnerving. Although every ounce of logic he possessed told him that people couldn’t foresee the future, something about her—maybe her sincerity, the fear she’d exhibited, or the notion that she couldn’t have learned all that she had through any other means—chiseled away at his wall of doubt.


Most of all, he admired her for her fortitude and dependability. She hadn’t panicked or fought against her fate. Now he was sure Darien would be pushing for her to take a mate. For life… that’s how they mated. That she would need one bothered him more than he liked to admit. Those who were born lupus garous could do with or without having a mate. Their choice. But a newly turned lupus garou? Allowing a new werewolf too much freedom was too dangerous.


The drapes suddenly were thrust aside in the guestroom Lelandi had once used. And there, standing in the window in a diaphanous gown of pale blue silk, the blonde pondered the woods. Almost as if she knew he was there watching for her. Which sent an unexpected surge of feral desire through his bloodstream. What was wrong with him that she had such an effect on him?


Her appearance in the gown at this early evening hour surprised him. Had she worked a long shift at the hospital?


The lovely rounded form of her breasts and nipples, peaked in anticipation of a lover’s touch in the nearly see-through gown, became the focus of his attention. Hell. Not intending to enjoy the sight of her as a voyeur would nor to give into his wolfish yearnings, he stepped forward so she could witness she was not alone. He meant to encourage her to close the drapes and return to bed, to warn her that the wolves in these woods were much more than just wolves. They were also men, like any of his kind, with earthly desires that needed to be sated.


Instead of closing the curtains, she challenged him with those eyes of hers. What had caught his attention about the woman, even during the investigation, were her classically attractive facial features—the high cheekbones and the perfect skin, framed by golden hair, and the large, striking blue eyes that could swallow a man whole.

When she had spoken, full kissable lips had captured his attention more than once. She wasn’t movie-star gorgeous, having instead the wholesome, girl-next-door look, but that appealed to him even more.


She frowned at him and then yanked the drapes closed. Good. She’d finally come to her senses. He couldn’t let go of the notion that the nurse thought she had the ability to make psychic predictions. It was the principle of the thing, he told himself. He intended to prove to himself, and to her, that she had come by her information about the murder through means other than some form of sixth sense. Either she had subconsciously learned the truth, or she had meddled in the investigation and was unwilling to tell about it.


Yet something deeper plagued him about the woman. Some elusive feeling that she could be in trouble. She could be trouble—that was more like it. Any newly turned wolf certainly could be that. He tried to tell himself his being here wasn’t about anything other than resolving the doubts that plagued him; although… something else bothered him, and he just couldn’t put his finger on what.


Ears perked, he sat on his haunches, unable to take his gaze off her window and thinking of her returning to bed and then buried under her blankets. The unsolicited wish that he could be with her, snuggling and heating her up, flashed through his brain. Hell, he didn’t need to be sidetracked anymore than he already was.


Despite the case having been solved, and him having no real reason to come back to Silver Town, Ryan was attending the spring festival the next morning to learn more about Darien’s celebrations. Like he’d done before, Ryan would take the information back to his own people who wanted something of what Darien and his people had—a town run by the werewolf kind.


But Darien had only reluctantly allowed Ryan to investigate as an outsider to discover the murderer in the pack. He was sure Darien wouldn’t favor seeing him again under the circumstances, not when Ryan intended to question Carol further about her visions. Darien sure wouldn’t approve of Ryan lurking about his woodland estate early in the evening. Especially when Ryan didn’t have one good reason for being near Darien’s house like this, no matter how much he tried to convince himself he did.


A click on a backdoor lock got Ryan’s attention, and he quickly rose and backed into the woods to keep Darien or his people from seeing him. The door opened.


Ryan’s jaw dropped.


Little Miss Nightingale stepped out of the house onto the flagstone patio, peering in his direction. Not dressed warmly enough for the out-of-doors this evening, she wore a robin’s egg blue tam that was perched on top of her head, a matching fluffy sweater that caressed her perky round breasts, pale blue jeans that showcased her shapely legs, and a pair of fuzzy blue slippers that made her feet look twice their size.


He raised his brows. Hell. She had no business coming out into the night looking the way she did—soft and cuddly and vulnerable—with no way to defend herself in the event someone dangerous was lurking about.


What had she intended to do? Search for him? Ask him his business?


At first, she stood stock-still, just staring into the woods. At the very place from which he watched her through a grove of Douglas firs. But he didn’t think she could see him.


And then? She rubbed her hands together as if she were on a wolf-hunting mission and stalked toward the woods, headed straight for him! The notion that she’d hunt him down appealed on a strictly primal level. Her hell-bent determination wreaked havoc with his need to keep this on a purely professional basis. Willful is how he’d describe her actions. What if he’d been bad news?


But he wasn’t, although right now he had the strongest urge to circle around her through the woods and stalk her right back. A game between wolves. A competition. And more. Which made him wonder if she’d understand their wolf ways, not having grown up learning them. He also was curious just how far she’d go to discover who he was.


Instead of tracking her down, he moved deeper into the woods, as if luring her into his trap, and listened to her steady footsteps. They were more hurried now as she tried to reach the forest before he disappeared for good, he figured. Or maybe the fact he wasn’t in plain sight gave her more courage.


She stopped only a few feet away, the gray-green leaves of a Douglas fir brushing her arm, her eyes searching the dark woods as he watched her. His heart beat harder—the urge to hunt in his blood. Then she lifted her nose in a wolf’s way, trying to catch his scent.


Seeing her react the way his kind would—smelling for scents, tilting her head as she listened more carefully, attempting to track him down like a wolf on the hunt—he felt a new wave of respect for her wash over him. He hadn’t seen this side of her before. It suited her.


Quickly, she turned her head, and when she saw him, her eyes widened. Luminescent. Huge. Bewitching.


Unable to help himself when he should have been annoyed with her impulsivity at leaving the house without protection, he gave her a slight smile. The woman would be his undoing.


What now? He wanted to force her to return to the house. On the other hand, he’d probably never get another chance to question her in private like this. He laughed at himself. Yeah, he’d shift, stand here naked in the cold as a human, and question her as if she was a suspect in one of his cases. He’d make such an impressive and frightening inquisitor that she’d quickly spill her story.

(c) Terry Spear, 2009